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Messina 2014



This application calculates the whole year of 20134, the tidal stream intensity and direction for Messina Strait.
With this application you will always know in every moment during the year the value of currents in Messina Strait at the two fundamental points, Punta Pezzo and Ganzirri. The calculation is ​​based on the official harmonic constants.
The currents in Messina Strait may even reach 6 knots and therefore to understand the values exactly it is essential for anyone wishing to cross the Strait.

Questa applicazione calcola per tutto l’anno 2014 l’intensità e la direzione delle correnti dello Stretto di Messina.
Grazie a questa applicazione si potrà sempre conoscere in tutti gli istanti dell’anno le correnti presenti nello Stretto di Messina nei due punti fondamentali, Punta Pezzo e Ganzirri. Il calcolo è ottenuto basandosi sulle costanti armoniche ufficiali.
Le correnti nello stretto di Messina possono raggiungere anche valori di 6 Nodi e pertanto conoscere con esattezza il valore della corrente è fondamentale per chiunque voglia (in qualsiasi istante) attraversare lo Stretto.



  • By Peppe, 3 Luglio 2014 @ 13:53

    ciao, è prevista una release di questa app per Android? mi serve come il pane ! 🙂

  • By aldobuongarzone, 4 Luglio 2014 @ 04:20

    Mi dispiace ma per il momento non é prevista nessuna release per Android.
    Forse in futuro……

  • By Bernard McGranaghan, 4 Ottobre 2014 @ 20:35

    Hi Aldo Buongarzone,

    Would you be able to help us obtain a detailed tidal chart for the Messina Straits for 19/10/2014?

    Best regards


  • By aldobuongarzone, 8 Ottobre 2014 @ 12:49

    Hello Bernard,
    On October 19 on Punta Pezzo the northbound current start at 00:40 and it reaches the maximum around 03:00 with 1,2 knots, then it start to decrease until 05:10 where the current is zero, and it start to changes to southbound. At 08:10 the southbound current has the maximum value of 3,06 knots, after this time it starts again to decrease until 11:40 when the current is zero and start again the northbound which the maximum is at 15:00 with 2,02 knots. The next slack of current is at 17:30, the next maximum southbound current will be at 20:45 with 4,02 knots. The following slack current will be on October 20th.
    For the details chart of the day, the only way is to get the app and you check the secondary area page in which there are 12 values every 5 minutes with the exact values of the current as per tide table.
    If you need some other details or help you can contact me again here or in the e-mail address.
    Good race!

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